SEEK – REVEAL PRO Thermal Camera


High Resolution Hand-held Thermal imager / Fast Frame 15 IPS / Image Capture / Temperature Measurement / Rechargeable Battery. The Seek Reveal PRO Thermal Camera offers 76,800 pixels of infrared data, or four times more than any other stand-alone infrared camera under $4000.





Ideal for:

  • Fire Fighters,
  • Police & Mobile Security Patrols,
  • Electricians, Plumbers & HVAC
  • Local Government, Rangers and Staff who work at night
  • Monitoring Ground Temperature and any other applications where good night time or temperature measurement is required.

Key Features

  • Thermal Level and Span – Easily set and lock a temperature range to display the maximum thermal information of any object or scene with a set point and range
  • Emissivity Control – Calibrate for emissivity through easy, pre-defined settings. Compensate for various surface materials, ensuring accurate readings and reporting.
  • Full-Frame Mapping of Temperature Distribution – Displays all temperature data for maximum clarity and resolution.
  • Nine Standard and High Contrast Color Palettes – From standard grayscale to spectra high contrast, RevealPRO provides the visual capabilities necessary to help users easily examine and understand thermal imagery during inspection.
  • Multiple User Modes – Normal, Spot temperature and Level & Span included.
  • Ruggedized Display – 2.4” color display featuring Corning® Gorilla® Glass protection.
  • 4x Digital Zoom – Wide, 32° field of view with 4x digital zoom capability lets you easily scan a large area and identify potential hazards in seconds

When you need a thermal camera, you want to know about patterns of heat and temperature. The better the resolution of the infrared detector, the more information it will gather from your environment. With a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels, the Seek Reveal PRO offers more of the real thermal data you’re looking for. And with a sensitivity of 0.07 °C, you can see the fine temperature gradients that indicate patterns of overheating or failure. The Reveal PRO thermal camera can view and measure temperatures from -40 to 626 °F (-40 to 330 °C), covering applications from search and rescue, to moisture intrusion, to overheating bearings.

Seek RevealPRO

The Seek Reveal PRO uses a 32-degree lens to give the right balance between a medium and wide angle view. The lens feels just right for most applications, whether inside or out. With the higher resolution of the Reveal PRO, a digital zoom function allows you to enlarge a target without sacrificing picture detail beyond usefulness. We find that the fixed focus lens combined with a surprisingly fast startup (under 3 seconds) makes the Seek PRO ready whenever it’s needed.
Custom Settings

The bright, full-color display of the Reveal PRO camera is built using rugged Corning Gorilla Glass to offer the same protection as the rubberized exterior housing. The display can be viewed in 9 different color palettes: White hot, Black hot, Spectra (rainbow), Prism (rainbow HC), Tyrian, Iron, Amber, Hi (highlights only highest temps), and Hi/Lo (highlights highest and lowest temps). The Reveal PRO thermal camera also includes features usually only seen on higher end cameras. Adjustable level and span give the option of adjusting the contrast settings to better highlight specific temperatures of concern. And in order to account for how different materials emit and reflect infrared, the Seek Reveal PRO includes four preset emissivity settings: Matte (e=0.97), Semi-Matte (e=0.80), Semi-Glossy (e=0.60) and Glossy (e=0.30).

Image Capture

Images are captured and stored to a 4GB internal flash drive, which holds over 4000 pictures. Images can be downloaded through the included USB-micro cable, which also provides the connection to recharge the Reveal PRO. An internal lithium-ion battery lasts a full four hours when running in Normal mode, and provides weeks of standby ability. Menu navigation is through a simple three-button interface and can be accomplished even while wearing gloves. A single button on the right side of the Seek Reveal PRO activates an intense 300-lumen LED flashlight, giving the ability to see night or day, with visible or infrared light.


  • Seek Reveal PRO Thermal Camera RQ-AAAX
  • USB cable
  • Wrist lanyard
  • Warranty
  • The Seek Reveal PRO comes with a 2-year extended warranty


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