Mini Fire Fighter


The Mini Fire Fighter fits into Cars, Caravans, Boats as well as your home provides a quick no hassle solution to assist in stopping small fires.
Mini Firefighter is a handheld cutting-edge foam extinguisher for (Class A) wood, (Class B) petrol and flammable liquids, (Class E) electrical and (Class F) fat fires

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Mini Firefighter


A cutting-edge foam capable of extinguishing (Class A) wood, (Class B) petrol and flammable liquids, (Class E) electrical and (Class F) fat fires quickly.

  • The only 4in1 Fire Extinguisher certified in New Zealand and Australia for all four types of household fires.
  • Safe to store in extreme cold and hot temperatures ranging as low as -40ºC and up to +70ºC.
  • Compact enough to keep a can handy where ever you need it – in the kitchen, garage, workshop, and every type of vehicle.
  • NonToxic, nonirritant and biodegradable. The pure ingredients are minerals, salts and special patented oils.
  • Mini Firefighter is datestamped underneath and has a shelflife of 5 years from this date.
  • Manufactured in Spain. The can is made from a single piece of aluminium and is painted inside and out to prevent corrosion.
    It is pressure-tested to the highest standards and manufactured in ISO9001 facilities.
  • Tested and Complaint to the requirements of AS/NZS 4353.

Other Features:

  • High cooling capacity which helps avoid re-ignition
  • Swells up to 40 times its capacity when in use to quickly reduce the fire’s core temperature and extinguish flames
  • User-friendly, no instructions needed – Just point and shoot
  • Easy to clean up after use. The foam dissolves leaving no residue; simply wipe clean
  • Fully biodegradable, nonirritant, and nontoxic, making it the ideal choice for family homes
    • Ingredients: Glycols <0.5%, mixture of anionicamphoteric and non-ionic tensioactives: <4%, organic salts: <40%
  • Leaves no residue for simple maintenance

A reliable household must-have, the Mini Firefighter 250ml Fire Extinguisher lets you bring small fires under control to easily extinguish them before it gets serious.

Check out the video to see how easy and flexable the product is Mini Fire Fighter

Mini Firefighter Video

MiniFireFighter A5 Brochure (Revised 19 Dec)


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