Local Government

Handheld thermal imaging is particularly useful in local government.

With detection ranges available up to 750 Meters, Seek Thermal imagery offers Councils and local Government distinct benefits.

Some of these are listed below:

  • Ranges may use these devices for checking poorly lit areas for antisocial behaviour or threats at night in areas that are dark or have bad lighting or for stray animals after hours. Backed up by powerful inbuilt torch, SEEK’s handheld thermal imagers’ allow the torch to be used by itself or in conjunction with the thermal device. This prevents people or animals hiding in the shadows where they cannot be seen under torchlight.

Local Governments have written the use of SEEK Thermals in their SOPS for Ranger safety to checking poorly lit areas at night before entry.  an example of this is.. 

“When a request is received for a Patrol Officer or Ranger to attend to a complaint on one of the City’s reserves etc at night to enforce Local Laws/Acts the device is used to assist in;

Detecting groups/individuals on reserves.
Detecting homeless in bushland areas.
Detecting wandering at large dogs.

 The device has allowed Officers to decide on how to approach many of these scenarios i.e. call for backup, call police or safe to investigate further.

In detecting these scenarios, the officers, where possible, can remain in the safety of their vehicles until back up has arrived enabling the Officer to monitor any further movement. If individuals have removed themselves then the backup Officer can be notified accordingly that their assistance is no longer required.”

  • Waste management or landfill sites have a requirement to monitor ground temperature for potential underground fires
  • Energy management (air conditioning and heating) is a constant source of expenditure. Checking buildings for insufficient or missing insulation may be quickly and effectively completed using these units to detect the variances in heat within the ceiling.
  • Electrical – assist in identifying overloaded circuits in public buildings
  • Burst pipes and blockages – depending on the circumstances leakage from pipes or blockages may be shown up using the thermal imager.
  • Management of Feral Animals – Animals are easily seen in the dark or in areas where they may be obscured slightly by folage

Cameras are available in both Stand-Alone (Reveal Series) or Smartphone (Compact series) formats


The Reveal Holster with Tactical Clip is designed to protect and
carry any Seek Reveal. Easily attach the holster to any belt, jacket
or vest with its horizontal and vertical belt loops.
(Holster Sold Separately)



Missing Insulation of Buildings


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